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Would you like to TRICK OR TREAT and win some Halloween sweets? If you want to enter the contest you only have to read about Halloween and look for information to answer the questions below. Then, pick up a paper from the poster next to the library, write the correct answer to the questions and put the paper inside the English letterbox before Wednesday 29th. The list of the winners will be on display on Thursday 30th. HAVE A TERRIFIC TIME!

Note: you can only get SOME answers to the questions after reading this text.
 You will have to find some information on the Internet 
or in books about Halloween to answer ALL the questions!!

1. On which day is Halloween celebrated?
a) 31st October          b) 30th October             c) 15th October             d) 1st October

2. Before pumpkins, what did the Irish use to make the Jack o' lanterns?
a)  Potatoes                b) Turnips                         c) Rutabagas                  d) All of them

3. What is another name for Halloween?
a) Feast of the dead         b) Samhain                c) All Hallows Eve          d) All of them

4. 'Lamb's Wool' (a popular Halloween drink in the 18th Century) was made of milk and...
a) Chestnuts              b) Grapes                           c) Apples                         d) Potatoes

5. When did the Celts celebrate their new year?
a) 13th October         b) 1st November              c) 1st January               d) 21st December

6. What is the phobia of Halloween called?
a) Samhainophobia       b) Hylophobia       c) Claustrophobia            d) Hellenologophobia

7. Children who go ‘trick or treating’…
a) ask for eggs or soap to play tricks   b) ask for sweets    c) give you sweets or money
d) spray shaving cream on the people when they open the door

8. Some typical Halloween costumes are…
a) vampires and skeletons       b) vampires and fairies        c) ghosts and clowns  
d) bats and flowers

9. What do guests at a Halloween party bob for?
a) Apples         b) Skulls            c) Turnips         d) Oranges

10. To make a jack-o’-lantern you need…
a) some orange wax          b) a big carrot        c) a big turnip      d) a big pumpkin   
11. What does the word 'Hallow' mean?
a) Spook     b) Spirit        c) Sin         d) Saint

12. Which priests first celebrated Halloween?
a) French         b) Druids         c) Christians      d) Romans

13. What is a group of witches called?
a) Convoy             b) Commune           c) Cauldron          d) Coven

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